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Credibility in Accreditation

Say Goodbye to Qualification Fraud

AVEQ are using secure technology to address the global problem of fraud and forgery in the area of educational, vocational, professional and apprentice qualifications.

This is a growing problem in today's open and globalised employment market.  The current method of issuing paper-based or digital accreditation is increasingly unfit for purpose as digital technologies make it easy for just about anyone to access and modify a certificate. Stories relating to the fall-out from people fraudulently claiming to have qualifications, are increasingly making news headlines.

Using AVEQ, any educational, training or awarding body can publish a student's certificate of achievement directly into a blockchain, creating a ledger of achievement that can be mined, verified and distributed securely.  Potential employers can be certain when accessing a candidate's qualifications, processed through AVEQ, that they are legitimate.


Education, Training, Awarding Bodies

Reputation matters!  Publishing your certificates and awards using AVEQ's platform will eradicate fraud and protect the reputation of your organisation, your courses, and the calibre of your graduates.



Verification matters! Be one step ahead of other job candidates by having your qualifications automatically secured and verified. Lost certificates will no longer be a problem. Talk to your qualification issuer about using AVEQ.


Employers & Recruitment Agencies

Certainty matters!  Make your recruitment process more efficient by being 100% sure that candidates presenting themselves for employment have achieved the qualification they claim.  Insist they use AVEQ.

Launching soon.  Watch this space!